Fun Facts About California


There are many things we do not know about different places in the world. The best that we can do is to visit the internet and look at some of the interesting things about these particular places. Sometimes, we may also travel to the places and learn about all the interesting things about the places. The United States has a number of states and California is one of them located in the Pacific area. The state has a lot of things that are worth learning about and here is a breakdown of the fun facts about this great state.


When did it join the US?


After signing a treaty that was to help end the Mexican- American War, California joined the US in 1848. At this point, the united states were supposed to pay $ 15 million for the damages of war. Mexico surrendered almost a half of the territory she owned and Arizona, Texas Nevada, Utah and California were among them. California was not a state by then when it joined the United States in 1848. Later in 1850, California became a state and it was officially the 31st state.


The California flag


The state has a flag that has a grizzly bear which of course has a meaning that you should know. What about the grizzly? The grizzly bear on present California’s state flag was placed there to acclaim Monarch, a 1,200-lb. This wild grizzly bear was captured by William Randolph in the newspaper in 1899. The bear was then taken to San Francisco where he starred and attracted many people in at Woodward’s Garden. Before his death in 1911, he was also taken to Golden Gate Park where he died.


Size and population


The size of California has something that you should also know about. It is important to know that it is one of the largest states in America thus taking the third position by area. Its large area size brings in the next point about population. The latest statistics show that California has a population of about 39.54 million people. Considering its population, we can make the assumption that out of eight people in America, one comes from California. This is a very high population when compared to other smaller state in the United States.


The trees in the place


California has an ancient pine that is referred to as Methuselah. It is one known bristlecone pine which is the only known as the oldest organism that is not cloned. Up to 2018 in the California Mountains, Methuselah still stands and it is believed to have 4850 years of age. Additionally, Inyo National Forest gives another fact to know about. It is this forest that gives another old bristlecone pine. This is a bit older since it was discovered to have up to 5000 years of age. General Sherman is another giant tree found in the Sequoia Park. It is the largest known tree with a single stem on earth. It has an age that has been estimated to be around 2300- 2700 years hence fun to learn about it. They also are among the first states to appreciate the advantages of solar electricity