English, American and Australian Football

by Anita

Comparing Different Types of Football

Looking at the different types of football that is being played around the world is very interesting. In each of the three countries that we are going to compare here, the term football means a completely different sport and is played differently. However, at the same time, these are sports that are going to have some of the same common themes that are going to make it an interesting sport for all of the fans to watch and follow.


Australian Footballplaying australian rules footy
Australia has its own kind of football, known as Australian Rules or Aussie Rules Football. It is completely different to the traditional sport of soccer but has some similarities with rugby and American football. A distinct difference between American and Australian football is that the Australian version does not include as much protective wear for the players as Australian football. The goal and score system for this sport is also quite different to traditional soccer. There are 4 goal posts and the height of the kick matters. Similar to the EPL, the Australian version of the league is called AFL (Australian Football League)




soccer players in melbourne australiaEnglish Football

Football in England is one of those things that is often called soccer in Australia and the United States. Football in England is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is continuing to grow in popularity as more clubs are forming in different countries and it has started to gain more popularity even in the developing parts of the world. This is a sport that is ultra competitive at the higher levels and does not allow any use of hands, except for the goalies. It is the traditional and original sport that other forms of football have evolved from.


playing american footballAmerican Football

American style football is extremely popular in mainly the United States and some neighboring countries. However, the sport is starting to spread to global levels as well, although it is not nearly as popular as its counterparts globally. The American football sport uses quite a bit of padding and is going to require people to have some of the medical screening as well. Due to the violent nature of this sports helmets are required and some people have become paralyzed while playing this sport.

Different parts of the world enjoy soccer or football in their own way. In South America and Europe, soccer is extremely popular while in the United States, American football is almost thought as the only form of football. In Australia, soccer is well known, but Australian Rules Football is the main sport.

Brief History Of Soccer

by Anita

The History Behind English Soccer

Most sports fans probably do not know that soccer has a gruesomely, violent and long but interesting past. The traces related to the history of soccer date back to many years ago. In Britain over the 9th century, one monk recorded that each year on what was known as Shrove Tuesday, the London youth would go out into the fields to play a game of ball.

Mob Soccer

The very first reference that was unambiguous to the game of soccer related to England was a writ that preserved peace in London that was dated on the 13 April 1314. It was said that soccer was more commonly known as football in other parts that this game had the potential to lead to death or serious injuries. In the year 1321, a player died from a wound he sustained after running straight into a sheathed knife.

Despite the series of the royal proclamations that promoted archery and the statute that forbid servants and labourers from participating in this game. This undignified, worthless and common game still remained ever-popular. Soccer was known to be a spectator sport that was highly entertaining. In the 17th century in London, the civic authorities in Clitheroe, Grimsby and Manchester banned this game from being played in their streets out of fear of tumults and broken windows.

When the 18th century came around, the rules which are recognized today started to emerge. At one of the matches, it was decided that 2 men were not allowed to engage a single player. In 1741, a game in Ditchingham judges was used to settle any differences that arose. Into the later part of the 18th century, aristocracy members began to organize matches often in combination with the local publicans. The prizes at the time were typically hats presented to the winners and stockings for the losers.


Professionalism And Passion

Towards the later part of the 19th century, the growth of the Association soccer was truly remarkable. Amateur clubs were in some cases linked to churches or firms, but in most cases reflected loyalty to neighbourhoods. By the 1880’s in just Liverpool, there were more than 100 members.

Most of the teams built grounds among worker’s houses and factories that cemented the support from local communities. Into the early part of the 20th century most of the larger cities had 2 main teams and this in most cases led to an intense rivalry between the local clubs. These games were typically played before hordes of passionate and excited partisan spectators.

The soccer players that became professional were in those days perceived as a working-class hero’s and paid accordingly. In the year 1931, the annual maximum salary for professional players was around 400 pounds, a far higher figure than industrial wages.

Soccer was still viewed as cheap entertainment during the 1930’s. However, it was also a huge business providing opportunities and growing employment. The demand for the latest news created the sports papers such as Green’Un and Pink’Un and the demands for drink and food created a popular catering trade.